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Starting in January 2009, Patrick Finn will teach Hamlet in Performance, Drama 571, an in-depth study with an emphasis on performance history, textual studies, production and character study. Get the course outline here.

Top Ten
Shakespeare Links

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  1. Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet:
    This power-house site gives you a massive collection of links that will allow you to gorge on all things Shakespeare. The place to start your search of online materials.

  2. The Folger Shakespeare Library:
    Otherwise known as heaven on earth, the Folger combines a magnificent collection with a working theatre and research centre. An excellent place to start.

  3. The British Library's Shakespeare Digitization Project:
    This project allows you to check the sources scholars use and make your own decisions when establishing your text.

  4. The Huntington Library:
    Another of the key spots that all Shakespeareans should visit before they die. The Huntington does not have as much available online, but that gives you all the more reason to visit their gorgeous California location in person.

  5. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust:
    A great blend of Shakespearean research materials and full on Shakespearean fetish, the SBT does a great job of celebrating the bard.

  6. The Internet Shakespeare Editions:
    An ongoing project to publish electronic, critical editions of the complete works of Shakespeare, The ISE is particularly useful for actors, dramaturges and directors who want to compare their texts against digitized versions of the Quartos and Folios.

  7. Shakespeare's' Globe:
    Visit the digital version of the rebuilt version of Shakespeare's originally rebuilt theatre! A fantastic site, virtually and physically, Shakespeare's Globe provides lots of secondary materials for the bard-curious.

  8. The Stratford Shakespearean Festival:.
    A little - actually not-so-little piece of traditional Shakespeare transplanted to Canada to become North America's leading classical theatre. It combines performance,
    research and educational opportunities for all levels of expertise. Check out this great old video showing the founding of Stratford (so, natural it's as if the camera's weren't event there - it's black and white reality tv!:

  9. The Shakespeare Institute: (with emphasis on the "The.") The top training ground for the Shakespearean Illuminati. By the time you leave here your Shakespearean Kung-Fu will be unmatched. If you truly love Shakespeare and want to learn as much as you can find a way to study here.

  10. The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project:
    A truly magnificent project, the CASP provides a wealth of materials for researchers. One day will prove that Shakespeare was in fact Canadian (why else do you always get those apologies at the end of the plays?).

In a Class of its Own:

Shakespeare on You Tube: Have yourself a blast. There are all kinds of treasures to find - including projects from some of our students!