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Resources: Theatre

Our Top Ten Theatre Links

Read any good links lately? Pass them on.

  1. The Canadian Association of Theatre Research – join today! Special membership fees for students and lots of perks including a yearly conference and the journal Theatre Research in Canada.

  2. How serious are they? Well they spell Theatre with an “re” even though they are in America! Seriously though, The American Theatre Wing site is fantastic and includes a wide range of videos covering all aspects of theatrical performance. Take the time to dig into the site to find all the hidden gems. (Check out the careers section.)

  3. The WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama may not be the most attractive site out there, but it provides a plethora of links to all that is theatre. Think of it as the ugly friend you have to talk to in order to meet the good looking person you really want to date.

  4. The Digital Performance Archive is a slightly more attractive site with links to many good theatre resources.

  5. Continuing from numbers three and four above Artslynx International Theatre Resources is a portal or meta-site that provides links to sites and documents related to theatre and drama.

  6. A tie between The Costume Page and because both sites provide excellent background on costumes and costuming. Warning – browsing these sites can lead to addiction.

  7. Intute is a multi-university project based in the UK. Our link is to their theatre section; which has a lot of solid resources for theatre research and performance projects.

  8. The Atlantic Canada Theatre Site has terrific resources for theatre research.

  9. The theatre collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum is rich in other areas as well, so you can check other segments, but start with the theatre section.

  10. A tie between two official theatre repositories in Canada: ArtsAlive and TheatreMuseumCanada. Hey, what can we say, we’re Canadian, eh?